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intaglio prints
intagliare (Italian - to carve, cut, incise) 

A copper plate is covered with a hard ground which is an acid-resistant coating made of beeswax, rosin and asphaltum. The ground protects the plate, but the stylus will penetrate it. 
Lines are drawn through the ground exsposing the metal. The plate is immersed in an acid bath, incising the lines into the plate. The process can be repeated until the desired results are achieved. Aquatint adds tone and depth. Engraving, by hand, is another means to affect the image. 

After the ground is removed, the plate is inked, filling in the lines and crevices. The surface of the plate is wiped with a taleton, a starched cheesecloth or muslin material. Finally, the plate and moistened paper are pulled through an etching press, which, by great pressure, transfers the ink from the plate to the paper. Each print is an original as they are printed one at a time on Rives B.F.K. 100% rag paper, then signed and numbered. The matte is acid free. 

All that I own is a print,
An etching, a mezzotint. 

Robert Browning

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