When Carol is asked to set down her thoughts in words about her work, she struggles: "It IS there... in the prints." And so her artist's statement exists, in almost 300 editions she has produced since 1974 when she purchased her first etching press, and dipped her first copper plate into a Dutch Mordant bath. Since that time she has populated a world with a cast of compelling characters most of whom were inspired by her teachers, people in the leeward Beetlecat, and from the more graceful world of yesterday.
Carol Lummus

Carol is a second generation Cape Codder, and a twelfth generation New Hampshirite.

Her favorite critique of her work was from Hal La Croix of the Monadnock Ledger:

"Carol's work is refreshingly devoid of self-concious artistic pretense. Her elaborate lines portray Victorians and other foppish folk that have a warmth and spirit which forms coy statements on social conventions."

She is a graduate of the Walnut Hill School of the Performing Arts, and Colby Sawyer College. She attended the Massachusetts College of Art, and the University Of Geneva (Switzerland) She studied with William Holst, and Hannes Beckmann, Hanover, NH.

Carol and her husband Bert, a former book editor -- now master framer have two children, Sarah and Jonathan and a granddaughter. Sarah, although not artistically inclined, has multiple talents, and Jonathan, a Portsmouth furniture designer and craftsman, and his wife have one daughter.

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